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Speak Local, Sell Global

A website, product description, marketing approach, and even data presentation can all get lost in translation. It’s not just because of the words on the page or the style of the design.

Translation services are so much more than words. A brand or product connects with people on a cultural level, and with today’s ever-evolving, fast-paced, global economy, it’s integral for a company to keep up with the language of the buyer in real time.

LMG Constultancy’s full range of services are designed to meet all of your company’s translation and localization needs, taking your brand and your product far beyond its hopeful reach.

Translation, Transcreation, and Transcription:

Language is delivered in words and characters, but meaning is shaped by cultural connections. Word-for-word translation often misses the mark, even turning off customers who pick up on a lack of linguistic expertise. Furthermore, style, tone, and context connect with customers in their own big ways. In today’s international economic exchange, add Translation, Transcreation, and Transcription to your company’s master plan.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation:

Language adapts far more rapidly in the globalized world of commerce today, and keeping up requires continuous interpretation. From Social Media to pop culture, and trends that cross cultures in an instant, keeping your content fresh and accurate is essential to stay ahead of the curve. Our language experts have the deep cultural understanding to provide your content, speech, or commercial with native-level interpretation needed to connect with your audience.

Website, App, and Game Localization:

While your product might fit the mold in one culture or continent, it might fall flat in the other. Success means identifying the needs of the customer, adhering to local regulations and purchasing practices, and most importantly, cultural context. Your business will open up to a whole new world of growth once your customers feel right at home navigating your website, interacting with your app, or playing your game.

Translation and Localization can widen your customer base, defying limits on regions or demographics. LMG’s translation and localization team will boost your company’s confidence when entering new marketplaces, and most importantly, expand your reach within.

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