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Speak Local, Sell Global

Is your product or brand sending mixed messages? At LMG, we use cloud-based Translation Management Systems (TMS) to improve efficiency and consistency to meet all of your translation needs.

The TMS will be integrated with your existing CMS, and be automated through each step in the process, from internal review to the final push to live content. A smart and efficient tool that gives you the peace of mind that your customers are getting the right message.

Along with efficiency, LMGs tools are consistent. By using translation memory, we stay in line across brand glossaries and termbases. This system is not only more accurate, but it reduces costs by reusing already completed translations.

This technology also captures every phase of the process along the way, so LMG can backup the work by providing you with reports to analyze translation quality and identify actionable data. These tools provide innovative solutions for our customers and ensure they, in turn, are delivering a quality product to theirs.

Along with TMS, LMGs team of professional translators complete projects through the TEP process--Translation, Editing, and Proofreading. This service combines the data and efficient tools of technology with the human element to stay consistent on tone and cultural clarity.


Strategies for Success

Step up your game and stand out from the crowd! Defy tradition and take advantage of both LMG’s team of experts as well as advanced technology like MarTech. This system streamlines the marketing process and maximizes the return on your investment.

Our Brand and Marketing Specialists can analyze, develop strategies, test and implement campaigns, and report back to you with clear data and a full performance review. The expert eye meets the most advanced tech, ensuring you’ve got the most consistent and efficient marketing strategy as your business takes its next big leap.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting


The Team Makes the Dream

Take bolder chances and make more informed decisions with all of our years of experience backing you up!

At LMG Consultancy, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies--taking your company to the next level!

Shape, improve, and better manage your business with the experts at LMG guiding the way!

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Specialized and Expert Consulting

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